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Latihan Soal Cloze Test UN SMK 2013 (Part III)

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Alhamdulillahirabbil'alamiin... Puji syukur ke hadirat Tuhan Pencipta Alam yang telah memberikan kekuatan dan kesempatan untuk posting lagi :-) Berhubung banyaknya perhatian tentang soal cloze test, utamanya untuk anak SMK dalam menghadapi Ujian Nasional Tahun 2013, maka di kesempatan ini penulis kembali menghadirkan soal cloze test untuk dijadikan sebagai referensi baik siswa maupun guru Bahasa Inggris.

Selamat Belajar... ^_^


Room 354, Block 6
Model Village
North Point
Hong Kong
Phone: 24862893
Mobile: 95427415
21 February 2013

Mr William Chan
Personnel Manager
Wong And Lim Consulting
PO Box 583
Kwai Chung
Dear Mr Chan

I am writing to apply for the post of Management Trainee, which was advertised on the Student Affairs Office notice board of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 21 February 2013.
My working experience at Lucky Star Garment Manufactory Limited improved my leadership skills, ... (1)  skills and ability to work in a team environment. I have fluent spoken and written English. I also have fluent spoken and written Mandarin, and can therefore work in mainland China.
Currently I am studying a B.A. in Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, graduating in 2013. Subjects which I am studying that are relevant to the post of Management Trainee include Operations Management, Human Resources Management, Accounting, Marketing and Strategic Management.
My final year project is entitled Knowledge Management Practices in HK. Carrying out this project has improved my communication skills, my leadership skills and my ability to lead and supervise subordinates effectively. I have also learned how to run a project from the planning stage to its completion.
During my studies I have held the post of Executive in the Management Society. While leading and organising Management Society activities I have improved my ability to lead and supervise subordinates .... (2), ability to work under pressure and ability to work in a team environment.
Working for Wong And Lim Consulting appeals to me because it has a good reputation and it provides excellent training. Your organisation produces a high-quality service, and I can contribute to this with my leadership skills and my ability to work under pressure.
I am available ... (3) interview at any time. I can be contacted most easily on the mobile phone number given above. I look forward to meeting you.
Yours sincerely

Wong Wai Man Wilfred
Encl: Resume
(Taken from

1. (A) communicate
    (B) communicated
    (C) communication
    (D) communicatively

2. (A) effect
    (B) effects
    (C) effective
    (D) effectively

3. (A) to
    (B) in
    (C) for
    (D) from

Teks 2
3109 Vista Street
Philadelphia, PA 19136

January 19th, 2013

Ms. Stephanie Spencer, Director of Personnel
Department 411
Boeing Naval Systems
103 Industrial Drive
Wilmington, DE 20093

Dear Ms. Spencer:

I am writing in response to your advertisement in the January 16 Philadelphia Inquirer. I believe that my academic training at Drexel University in Electrical Engineering, along with my experience with RCA Advanced Technology Laboratory, would qualify me for the position of programmer.

My ... (1) at Drexel University has given me a strong background in computer hardware and system design. I have concentrated on digital and computer applications, developing and designing computer and signal-processing hardware in two graduate-level engineering courses. For my senior-design project, I am working with four other undergraduates in using OO programming techniques to enhance the path-planning software for an infrared night-vision robotics application.

While ... (2) at RCA, I applied my computer experience to the field of the VLSI design. In one project I used my background in LISP to develop and test new LISP software used in the automated production of VLSI standard cell family databooks. In another project, I used CAD software on a VAX to evaluate IC designs.

The enclosed resume provides an overview of my education and experience. I would like to meet with you at your convenience to discuss my qualifications for this position. Please write to me .... (3) the above address or leave a message anytime at (215) 555-5876.


Carloz Rodriguez.
(Taken from

1. (A) educate
    (B) education
    (C) educated
    (D) educatively

2. (A) work
    (B) worked
    (C) to work
    (D) working
3. (A) in
    (B) on
    (C) at
    (D) from

Apabila anda kesulitan dalam mengerjakan soal cloze test tersebut, anda bisa melihat Tips / Cara Mengerjakan Soal  Cloze Test.


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