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Latihan Soal Cloze Test UN SMK 2013 (Part II)

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Latihan Soal Cloze Test UN SMK 2013 (Part II)

Springfield News - Wednesday Edition

Workers at the Springfield Furniture Factory went on strike yesterday. All ... (1) at the factory has stopped. Employees promise that they will not return to work until they ... (2) a new contract with the factory owners.

The Springfield ... (3) has been strong since last February when three new factories opened. Unemployment is at an all-time low. Due to an increase in job availability, workers can now demand higher pay.

(Taken from Barron's TOEIC Test 4th Edition)

1. (A) produce
    (B) producer
    (C) production
    (D) productive

2. (A) negotiate
    (B) negotiator
    (C) negotiable
    (D) negotiation

3. (A) economy
    (B) economic
    (C) economize
    (D) economical


For : Marcia Stevens
From: Bob Evans
Call Back: No
Urgent: No

Mr. Evans called this morning. He is catching a flight ... (1) New York early tomorrow. He needs you to run some errands while he is away. He left a list for you ... (2) your desk drawer. The list is in order of priority. Most important: You need to mail the monthly newsletter to all board members. If you have any problems reading his writing, call him ... (3) his cell phone. Mr. Evans said he thinks you have the number stored on your computer. If not, call his wife at home. She will give it to you.

Message received by: Erica Meyers
(Taken from Barron's TOEIC Test 4th Edition)

1. (A) at
    (B) to
    (C) over
    (D) with

2. (A) of
    (B) on
    (C) in
    (D) next

3. (A) at
    (B) on
    (C) in
    (D) to

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